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 Who we are

Master is a leading company in Libya of development and Training, our aspiration is to become a global specialist in Training. Master Center provides a special training services, development tools and approaches and available curricula to all interested actors and clients from different sectors government and non-government.


What we do

We combine our ambitions of development and the Training with a passion of learning. We believe in getting to know your employees ability and their skills in organization in detail so that we can create tailored learning. We back this up with our deep understanding of the latest learning research and techniques.

How we do it 

We spend time understanding the culture and values of your Company. At the same time, we apply our unique diagnostic tools to understand each employee's current level of require skills. For example, our Courses tool helps us identify and quantify each employee weaknesses and what you need to improve their ability before the course even begins.

Our mission

By investing in the development of an employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, MASTER CENTER is able to demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning, growth, and resource enhancement. In addition to improving productivity, training in Master is rated as one of the most effective employee retention tools available.


Our Clients

Public Sector


Utilities & Energy


Private Companies

Airline industry


Connect with us

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